Customer Payment

Allows you to take a payment from your customer. 
How to:

There are two ways to take a Customer payments. 
First is to receive a customer payment from a Customer Order or Sales Invoice. 
Second, you can enter a customer payment from the main menu across the top Sales; Customer Payments. 
First Example
From the customer order screen, in the summary section, screen click on 'Take a Payment'

Select the payment type, double click on the method or click on 'OK' to continue

This is the main screen.


Payment Type These are user defined types of payments that receive
Reference Number This could be the check number, credit card number, etc.
Amount Amount of the payment. It defaults to the amount owing on the customer order
Post as of Date This date is the date that the payment will post to the general ledger and appear on the daily financial report. This date can be changed if the employee who is logged in has rights to post accounts receivables. 
Employee Who is taking the payment
Location Which location is taking the payment

When all the fields are complete then click on 'OK' at the bottom of the screen.

This screen will appear prompting the user to make sure all the fields were filled correctly. If the information is incorrect click on 'No' and you will be returned back to the main payment screen. Click on 'Yes' to continue.

If you want to print a receipt for your customer and for your own records click on 'Yes'
To view what a customer payment receipt click here
The receipt is designed to print to a plain paper printer. There is a dark line that is located two thirds, put on a sharp edge and cut paper. Top two thirds is to be given to your customer, and the bottom third goes with the payment into your cash drawer. This help the office staff know where cash came from.

Second Example

This example will be from main menu along the top  Sales; Customer Payments.


Type in the criteria to find your customer in the WhirlWind System. Once found double click on the customer row or click on 'OK' at the bottom left of this screen.

Select the method your customer paid. Then click 'OK'


This is the main 'Take a Customer Payment' screen.
Enter the 'Reference Number' this could be the check number, credit card number. Enter the Amount of the payment in the 'Amount' textbox. 
'Overwrites System Date' 'Post as of Date' is what you will use to correctly accepts payments at the first of the month even though you have not closed the previous months. Sales staff will not have the rights to change this only those with rights to 'Post Accounts Receivables' can overwrite this date. To apply the fund of this payment directly to a order, sales invoice, service invoice, or parts invoice you simply can enter how much you want to apply to each invoice by click your cursor into the 'Apply' column on the row of the invoice you want to apply fund to. You will see at the bottom left of the screen the due amount, Applied amount, and the Difference. After you have typed in the correct information click at the bottom right of the screen 'OK'

To apply this payment to the correct order or invoice, you must enter how much is getting applied to each document in the column 'Apply'. If the full amount for an order or

 invoice is to be paid then for speed the column 'Due' is green to get your attention, therefore move your mose over the amount in the column 'Due' and click with your mouse and the column 'Apply' will automatically fill with the amount that was in the column 'Due'.


Click on 'OK' at the bottom right when ready.


Click 'Yes' to finish with payment.

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