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Purchase Order PO is a Open Purchase Order. It is the first of three stages of a Purchase Order. Second is Receiving. Third is an Invoice. PO's appear on the Models Requested Screen, but Receivings do not.
Receiving Receiving is the Second Stage of a Purchase Order. It is a Closed Purchase Order, in other words this is the stage of a Purchase Order that the Order has been placed with the Manufacturer but has not been Received yet. When the Product is received the Receiving becomes an Invoice.
Invoice UnFinalized This is a Vendor Purchase Order that has had Product Received but has not been Verified against the Vendor Invoice Copy. Need to Verify Cost Amounts and also Quantities. WhirlWind Software has tools to move Product from one Invoice to another to Match Vendor Invoices to your Invoices in the WhirlWind Software to the penny.
Invoice Finalized This is a Vendor Purchase Order that has had Product Received and has been Verified against the Vendor Invoice. Finalized Invoices can be Applied to Payments.
Expense Invoice This is a Vendor Invoice that does not send Product to Inventory. Used to enter items such as Utilities, Supplies, etc.
AP Doc Refers to a Purchase Order in any of the above states. The same Purchase Order Number stays with the document thru out its existence in the WhrilWind Software. If you recieve Product on a Receiving but do not receive all the Product, then the New Invoices will be created with the Purchase Order number with an added -1. Therefore Purchase Order Number 5023 would create an Invoice number 5023-1.
AR Doc This is the reference for any Account Receivables document. Such as Quote, Order and Invoice. Documents will go thru different stages but we be referenced with the same number. We called AR Doc for Account Receivables Document number.
This is Internal-Mail that is only produced and tracked within the WhirlWind Software system. I-Mail can be created by users or by the system automatically. Such as when product comes in the sales person will receive an I-Mail letting them know the warehouse just scanned their product in.
Go Live Date This is the date that is selected that WhirlWind Software will start to track your Profit and Loss and continue to track the Balance sheet from this date forward. All Receiving/Shipping must be competed in the WhirlWind Software.
menu along the top Any time you see this it simply refers to the Main Screen of the desktop software. (File, Edit, Setup, Sales, etc.)
Graphical Menu Refers to the button style menu located on the Main Screen of the desktop software.
Inventory Tracking Serial Number: Manufacuter will provide a serial number for us.
Non-Serial Allocatable: Manufacturer will NOT provide a serial number for us but we want to track it with our own.
Non-Inventory (ie Service) Salable items that will not be put into inventory such as Delivery Charge.
Quantity Only Items that can be bought by Quantity of amounts such a venthose and sold in different Quanity numbers.