Sales Organizer

To help Sales Staff stay Organized and Productive. To View Current Delivery Schedules for one salesperson, create SPIFF reports, view written sales to invoiced sales per a period, Search Deleted Orders, and many other tasks.

How To:
On the left side of the Main Screen you will see a the following button:

Then click on Sales Organizer


Click on 'Sales Organizer'

The Toolbar:

Refresh This just refreshes the data on the screen
Open Highlight a record on the grid then click here it will open the document
Print Highlight a record on the grid then Print to the Printer
Delete Highlight a record on the grid then click to delete the document
Delivery This is a report that you can see your scheduled deliveries. Great tool to look at a couple days before your day off!
History This is a tool designed to help you with your spiff reports
Written Reports how much you wrote and invoiced during a specific time period day by day
Com Rpt Commission Report
View Extended This will add a Plus sign to the left of the Document. When you click on this plus sign you can see the model numbers for that document.
Gives you on hand, PO's, Customer Orders, Cost, Profit, and Margin.

The Criteria for the report:

This section of the form allows you to enter criteria for this screen
View Type Quote(s)/Order(s) is the only view at this time
Salesperson Leave blank and you view all salespeople. Click on the three dots to the left of Salesperson and select from a list
Document Type Types include, Quotes, Orders, Returns, BackOrder, Deleted Quotes, Deleted Orders, Deleted Parts Order, and Completed Orders. Click on this list box and select the type of documents you want to view in the grid. If you click on 'Order' you will view Orders, and BackOrders.
Search By: Allows you to view the documents by Customer (i.e. Bill To Name) or Ship to Name when you click on the Tabs below

Click on the tab and you will see the documents that pertain to that letter. If you click on 'All' you will see all the documents.

Click on the Document Number under the column 'AR Doc' to view the document. Date is when the document was created. Last note is the last time that you recorded a note on the document. Notes are created from the toolbar on a Quote or Order marked 'Notes'

When you are done mananging your sales click on 'Done' to exit