Vendor Adjustments

To make adjustments to a Vendor Account to make it accurate.

How To:
From the Graphical Menu Purchasing Click on 'Vendor Statement'

Click on 'View Vendor Statement?'

Select the Vendor you want to Adjustment then click on 'OK'

Click on 'Adjust' on the Toolbar of the Vendor Statement
This Screen will appear;

In the Section 'I want to' select if you are going to 'Decrease' or 'Increase'

in the main section

Reference Number The Reference number will appear on the customer statement 
Amount Enter the Amount of the Adjustment. NO NEGATIVE NUMBERS
Date Date you want to Adjustment to be Recorded
Employee Employee creating the Adjustment
Location This is important for the General Ledger. The AP and Offsetting Account will be appended to with the Location that is selected on this line
AP Account ALWAYS use your Accounts Payable Account Here
Offsetting Account This is the GL Account that you must select for what you are making the adjustment for. For example if your vendor is giving you $100 off the price they charged you for merchandise then your Offsetting Account would be 'Cost of Goods Sold'. There can be many different accounts for many different reasons. If you have any questions on your Offsetting Account contact your Accountant.
Comment(s) This comment can be as long as you want it

When all the information is answered then click on the Toolbar click 'Post Adjustment'
This next screen will appear

If the information is correct then click on 'Yes'
If you want to make a document imaging copy of your source document then click on 'Yes' on the following screen

You are now done with the Vendor Adustment.

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