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In the appliance business we tell customers, “Only buy the features you need.” Yet with most software companies you are forced to purchase all of the bells and whistles whether you want them or not. With the WhirlWind System you only pay for the features you need.
For example, if you want Inventory Control then purchase only that feature. If you later want Customer Tracking, Servicing, or any of our other features you can add them quickly and easily. Because appliance professionals from the ground up designed the WhirlWind System—every feature works together seamlessly
Whether you have one store or one hundred stores, the WhirlWind System gives you the flexibility you need at a price you can afford.

Point of Sale (POS) software is one of the only times your customers encounter your computer system. They expect quick and accurate quotes and orders. The WhirlWind POS module, FastBreak™, was developed from thousands of hours of hands-on testing and use to deliver one of the fastest entry procedures in the business. When combined with our Internet Handshake™ technology you can retrieve customer information without typing, eliminating time consuming and error prone data entry. With FastBreak you get the right information the first time and every time.

In appliance sales the shifting of inventory from one customer to another is an everyday occurrence, but most computer systems are not capable of tracking this. Because sales people and not computer programmers designed WhirlWind, our Purchasing Module understands and tracks each time you rob Peter to pay Paul. Our seamless integration with FastBreak, one-click Purchase Order creation, and scheduled Ordering Reports mean fewer ordering mistakes. With WhirlWind Purchasing you increase sales and cash flow by having the product you need when you need it.

In a world of shrinking margins and increased competition, service is becoming a critical area for most retailers. With the WhirlWind Service Module, Service Center™, you get fast creation of service tickets delivering immediate access to product serial numbers. When combined with our off-site scheduling, one-click parts ordering, and up-to-the-minute tracking for every service ticket, you have one of the most complete Service Systems available. Finally, you can now eliminate double entry because Service Center sends your claims directly to companies such as Service Bench. With WhirlWind Service Center you can change your customer service from a necessary evil to one of the most profitable parts of your business.

WhirlWind Software Inventory Control, WatchDog™, is unmatched in its accuracy and ease of use. Using hand barcode scanners, real-time Internet updates, seamless integration with the Purchasing and POS modules, and other sophisticated data analysis tools you get up-to-the-minute inventory accuracy across all locations. WatchDog shows which products are profitable and which are not eliminating unwanted inventory and increasing cash flow. With WhirlWind WatchDog you will never be in the dark about your inventory again.

Bar coding is one of the most powerful tools used in inventory control and management. The WhirlWind System has used barcoding for more than thirteen years. As part of our system implementation, WhirlWind Consultants will show you how to print, label, and use barcoding throughout your operation. With WhirlWind you will know where your inventory is from the moment it hits the dock to final delivery at the customer’s home.

How many times have you heard customers complain about slow delivery? With WhirlWind Delivery Scheduler, RoadRunner™, you can now effectively manage your delivery crew. Use of a powerful scheduling engine eliminates double and overbooking. Direct integration with detailed mapping tools means less time looking for the customer and more time delivering product. With WhirlWind RoadRunner slow delivery is a thing of the past.

As retailers we spend too much time looking in filing cabinets. WhirlWind Consultants will show you how to scan, catalog, store, and retrieve documents directly from your computer using Document Wizard™. You can now see Customer Invoices complete with customer signatures, Packing Slips, Vendor Invoices, and Expense Invoices (i.e. phone bills, utility bills, and many others) without ever opening the filing cabinet. With WhirlWind Document Wizard you will never need to look at a filing cabinet again.

Getting the sale is only half of the battle, getting full and final payment is often a full-time job. Lost revenue from bad debt expense continues to mount and every one of us has stories of sales gone unpleasant. With WhirlWind Accounts Receivable (AR) you can track sales from quote to invoice. You can view all payments due and payments already received, and Scheduled Statement Generation (SSG) allows you to send professional statements without additional data entry. With WhirlWind AR you can reduce your bad debts and get back to doing what you do best…selling.

WhirlWind Accounts Payable (AP) tracks liabilities from purchase order through payment. Items received can be verified against outstanding purchase orders. Partial, interim, prepayments and/or full payments are tracked and can be applied against single or multiple invoices. Calendar scheduling provides a reminder of bills and other payables that are coming due. With WhirlWind AP the only thing left to do is write the check.

WhirlWind is a complete financial accounting system based on a true chart of accounts. Transactions are posted in real time and financial statements are only a click away. With WhirlWind Financial Statements, take the guesswork out of your business.

Payroll, Cash Management, Financial Reporting, Built-in Security, and many more. Contact us for a complete listing of the WhirlWind family of products.


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