Finding a Customer Order

You can find a Customer Order many ways we will cover the four basic. First is from the menu along the top to 'Sales'; 'Orders'; 'Find Existing Order' then use the look-up screen to locate your order. Second is from the graphical menu by clicking on 'Sales'; 'Order'; 'Find Existing Order' then use the look-up screen to locate your order. Third is from the 'Sales Organizer'. Fourth is to type your Customer Order number on the Main Menu in the top left corner;        

Then Click on the green button 'View' or press 'Enter' on keyboard.

We will use the 'Graphical Menu' for our instruction. See 'Graphical Menu Sales'
Click on 'Sales' then 'Order' This next screen will appear

click on 'Find Existing Customer Order?'

Type in the Criteria that you know AR Doc (which is the order number), Sold To, Ship To, Cust ID (phone number), Salesperson, or Any Address on the Order. These means the two Sold to addresses or the two Ship to addresses. Once you have found the order you are looking for then double click on the record or click on 'OK' at the bottom left of the screen. This will bring to your screen your customer order.


Click on 'Find Existing Quote?'

Then Type in 'AR Doc' which is Quote Number or 'Sold to', 'Ship To', 'Cust ID' which should be phone number, or 'Salesperson', 'Any Address'. Therefore you can find quotes quickly and with many fields. Once you find the quote you can Double-Click with your mouse or click on 'OK' or you can use your arrow down and up keys then press 'Enter'. Your Quote will the load to the screen.