Viewing Appliance Specifications from Dimensions Express

To Quickly view installation specs from the internet from your own source or 'Dimension Express'.

How To:
Find the Customer Order then in the model section under the list of model numbers click on 'Specifications';

this Screen will appear.

If the Information for the model number was found the model number turns light blue, if not it turns pink. You must have your 'Dimension Express' user name and password setup for this to work. To setup up your user name and password in the Whirlwind System you must go to the menu along the top to Setup; Inventory; Inventory Setup.
Type in your user name and password then click on 'OK' to save.
If you want to store your own pdf's you can by simply creating your pdf and name it the model number. For example I want to keep a spec for a model that dimension express does not show. Lets say 'AKS3050SS' I would create a PDF with the specs and name it AKS3050SS.PDF and then store it in the Folder w:\WhirlWind\Specs. The computer will always look there first, then go to Dimension Express.

Important to note: if Dimension Express carry a model or brand get specs from them because if a spec changes they will show you the correct specs, If it changes and you have it stored on your own computer then changes will not be shown to your Customers.