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There are 5 stages of implemenatation to WhirlWind Software.

1.    Collect general setup information,

2.    Setup and install on your computer system (or hosting with third party),

3.    Collect live data,

4.    Import sales history

5.   Training.

During this process we will need to select a start date. If you purchased the full Accounting system, it is best to start on the 1st of the month for the starting Balance Sheet totals. If you have purchased WhirlWind Software without the Accounting modules then we can start at any time.

Occasionally there are differences in terminology to describe features and functions of the WhirlWind system compared to your prior software (see Glossary of Terms)

Collect General Information
(download Excel spreadsheet for data collection)
All of the necessary data for the setup of the WhirlWind System, is explained in this Excel spreadsheet. You may send each page to us via email, seperately, as completed, or after completing the entire spreadsheet.  We will  adjust the data and enter it into your database as you send it in.
Much of the data needed may be extracted from your current system into data files.

The initial information we need from you is:

         the Chart of Accounts. (read link for details).

         Chart of Accounts numbers that need to setup as Bank Account and Cash Accounts.

         Company information including a copy of your Company Logo in Bitmap (.bmp) or Jpeg (.jpg) format.

         We will help you decide how you are going to design your Locations.

Once the above has been completed, we will then need you to provide an electronic list of the following:
    Sales Tax Setup
    Payment Terms
    Payment Methods
    Shipping Methods
    Credit Card Machines
    Customers (hopefully from your old system)
    Vendors (hopefully from your old system)
    Brands (hopefully from your old system)
    Model Number Categories (hopefully from your old system)
    Model Numbers (hopefully from your old system)
    Non-Inventory Items such as Services, Warranties, and Fees that you will sale to your Customers
    Price Level Names
    Check Layout (if you purchased the Payables Module)
    Deposit Slip Layout
    Common Situations in regards to Adjustments (Customer, Vendor, and Inventory)
    Commission Setup for Sales
    Flat Bed Scanners
    BarCode Scanners
    Excel Price Sheets from Vendors for Pricing
    Delivery Trucks & Schedules
    Service Techs & Schedules
    Legal Comments on All Customer Documents
Service ONLY
    Status of Service Call
    Decide what Inventory Labels are going to be used


Install WhirlWind Software

It is now time to install WhirlWind software on your local server or hosted site so that you can have access and begin your training! We will install the software on all workstations. Though the database is not complete it does have enough information to start your training.


Data Conversion

We like this data once first for testing and then we will need new accurate lists at the "Go Live" date. (This could include Ascii files, Excel files, csv files)
If you have purchased the full system you will need to enter your Ending Balance Sheet from your old system.

Starting Balance Sheet
Importing Starting Inventory
Importing of Customer's AR's (Payments/Credits and Invoices/Debits)
Importing of Vendor's AP's (Credit and Debits)
Importing of outstanding Bank Account Entries (Outstanding Checks, Deposits etc)

Import Sales History

If we or you can retrieve information from your current systems, Sales History can be imported into WhirlWind Software. Normally what we add to your current database (other than items listed above with (hopefully from your old system)) is Sales History. So that you can see who bought what, at what price, and when. No payment history is imported.


Training / On-line & On-site

We want to train Sales Staff, Office, Warehouse, and Logistics personnel on-line. We want to be on-site when you go live. Our customers vary so much in size that this plan must be decided between ownership of new customers and WhirlWind software.


* If you are a current customer of Price Tag Pro you can have Model Numbers, Model Number Categories, Brands, and Vendors provided to you from their system