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Glossary of Terms
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Customer Quote
            Creating Customer Quote
                        Create a New Customer Quote
                        Find a Customer Quote
            Editing Customer Quote
                        How to Edit and Change a Model Number
            Useful Tools for Customer Quote
                        Create a Quote and acquire customer information last
                        Target Date to manage your Quote
                        Printing Options
                        Sales Organizer
                        E-Mailing a Customer Quote

Customer Order
            Creating Customer Order
                        Converting a Customer Quote to a Customer Order
                        Creating a Customer Order
                        Finding a Customer Order
                        Adding Model Numbers to a Customer Order
                        Viewing Maps from the Internet
                        Adding Pre Tax Discounts, Post Tax Discounts and Freight Charges
                        Adding Notes to a Customer Order
                        Taking a Customer Payment
                        Un-Apply and Apply payments to a Customer Order
                        View the Notes about the Order that have been created by the WhirlWind system
            Editing Customer Order
                        Edit and Change a Model Number
                        Changing the 'Billing Customer' on a Order to another Customer (i.e. Contractors)
            Useful Tools for Customer Order
                        Adding Mandatory Model Numbers when a Customer Order is created
                        Ask for Transfer of Inventory from one location to another location
                        Viewing Appliance Specifications from Dimensions Express
                        Target Date
                        Requesting Inventory for Customer Order
                        Sales Organizer
                        Create and Use Stored Comments for Customer Order
                        Duplicate a Customer Order from a Customer Sales Invoice

Bank Deposits
            Customer Payments
                        Taking a Customer Payment
                        Find a Cash Payment in the WhirlWind System
                        Find a Check Payment in the WhirlWind System
                        Find a Credit Card Payment in the WhirlWind System
                        Deleting Customer Payments Enter incorrectly
                        Verifying Customer Payments
            Cash / Check Bank Deposits
                        Creating Cash / Check Bank Deposits
                        Finding a Cash / Check Bank Deposits
            Credit Card Bank Settlements
                        Creating Credit Card Bank Settlements
                        Finding Credit Card Bank Settlements

Customer Returns
                        Create Return that was you Sold 
                        Create Return that you DID NOT Sale
                        Finding a Un-Posted Customer Return

Accounts Receivables
                       View Customer History
                       Apply and Un-Apply Customer Payments
                       Create Customer Statement by Job or Lot
                       Customer Statements
                       Change a Customer ID
                      Merge Two Customer Accounts to One
                       Adjusting a Customers Account
                       Customer Refund 
                       In-House Credit Approval
                       Transfer Funds from an Accounts Receivable Customer to a Accounts Payable Vendor

            Purchase Orders
                        Creating a Purchase Order
                        Find a Purchase Order
                        Adding Purchase Order Model Numbers
                        Cost and Discounts on Model Number placed on Purchase Order
                        Issue and Un-Issue Model Numbers from a Purchase Order to a Customer Order
                        Explanation of View by Summary or Detailed format on a Purchase Order
                        Models Requested Screen
                        Order By Quantity
                        Convert a Purchase Order to a Receiving
                        Creating a Receiving
                        Find a Receiving
                        Printing Labels for receiving of shipments for use with barcode scanners
                        Assigning Serial Numbers and Received Inventory on a Receiving
                        Printing Inventory Tags with Continuous Tag Format 
            Scan Organizer                        
                        How to use Scanning Software
                        Scan Organizer
                        Posting a Receiving to a Purchase Invoice
                        Entering Vendor Invoice Number, Invoiced Date, Terms, and Financed By or Finalize the Invoice
                        How to Split Expenses on a Expense Invoice

Accounts Payables
                       Vendor Statements
                       Apply and Un-Apply Vendor Payments
                       Adjusting a Vendor Account
                       Vendor History
                       Payables Calendar
                       Create a Check or Electronic Funds Transfer (i.e. EFT)
                       Paying with Company Credit Card

            Current Inventory
                        View Current Serialized Inventory
                        View Current Inventory in Summary Format
            Inventory Setup Cards
                        Creating a new Model Number
                        How WhirlWind Posts Customer Orders, Purchase Orders with General Ledger Numbers
            Inventory Tools
                        Changing Cost with Current Inventory
                        Adjust Inventory
                        Transfer Inventory Requests
                        Transfer Inventory
            Physical Inventory
                        Physical Inventory
                        Comparing Scanned against Current Inventory

            Checking Account
                        Find a Payment
                        View the Account Register
                        Enter an Adjustment
                        Reconcile the Account
            Transfer Funds
                        Transfer from Account to Account
Avalara Sales Tax
                       Learn how to setup Avalara

General Ledger
                        General Ledger Adjustments
                        Aged Trial Balance
                        View/Edit the GL Transactions
                        Month End Procedures
                        Financial Reports
                        Closing of General Ledger Periods

General Information
                        In-House I-Mail System
                        Transaction Tracker
                        See What's New
                        View Employee's currently Punched in
                        Record Selectors on Grids
                        Change a Customer Sold To Information on Open and Invoiced Customer Documents
                       View users logged into the Database

                        I-Mail Explained
                        Create a New I-Mail
                        Create Mass I-Mail's
                        Read I-Mail

                       Back Up of Database
                       Make Bank Accounts Inactive
                       Setup Checklist
                       Desktop Picture
                       Accounting System Date

                        Create a New Employee
                        Employee Rights
                        Time-Card System

Payroll with CheckMark Software
                        Payroll Setup in WhirlWind Software
                        Export Employee Information from WhirlWind Software
                        Import Employee Information into Check Mark Software
                        Export Hours from WhirlWind Software
                        Import Hours to Check Mark
                        Export Payroll Records from Check Mark
                        Import Payroll Records into WhirlWind Software
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